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September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Thyroid cancer is the most rapidly increasing cancer in the U.S. Thyroid cancer is found when nodules (lumps or bumps) appear in the thyroid, which is either felt by the patient, the doctor, or found by imaging studies. Although the death rate for thyroid cancer is low compared to other kinds of cancers, the American Cancer Society reports the chance of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer is increasing, primarily due to better detection methods. Continue reading “September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month”

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Molecular Testing of Thyroid Samples

Discovering a thyroid lump on yourself may mean you need to find out if the lump is benign or malignant (cancerous). These lumps, called thyroid nodules, are quite common. Finding a thyroid nodule can seem scary, but the presence of a nodule doesn’t automatically mean it’s cancer. A fine needle aspiration (FNA) is the best way to determine whether the nodule is truly, cancerous. Oftentimes, the diagnosis is not clear cut. The usage of new molecular tests can help provide a clear diagnosis. Continue reading “Molecular Testing of Thyroid Samples “

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FNA: A Better Approach for Breast Biopsies

Finding a lump in your breast can be quite upsetting. Add to that the thought of going through a procedure to find out what the lump is, and the situation may seem downright frightening. Unfortunately, a significant number of women who have abnormal mammograms undergo surgical biopsies for a diagnosis, instead of the less invasive and safer fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy procedure. According to a study in The American Journal of Surgery, the rate of open surgical biopsies is approximately 30 percent. This rate should be significantly lower. Continue reading “FNA: A Better Approach for Breast Biopsies “

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Thyroid Enlargement and Nodules: Is It Cancer?

Thyroid cancer is on the rise in the U.S. The good news is that the increase is partly due to better diagnostic methods. The other good news is the death rate is still very low compared to other cancers. In fact, incidental thyroid cancers are found in 25% of autopsy cases. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy is a quick and relatively non-invasive way to diagnose thyroid cancer and help patients start their treatment plans sooner.

Continue reading “Thyroid Enlargement and Nodules: Is It Cancer?”

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How Cancers Are Diagnosed and the Importance of Getting Tested

Cancer is an overwhelming illness that has the potential to alter the lives of the patient and his or her loved ones. Cancer occurs when a cell or group of cells begin to grow abnormally. This growth may spread to nearby tissues and organs of the body, causing further damage to other organs. Therefore, it is important to get tested for cancer as quickly as possible if you feel a lump or bump. Spotting cancer in its early stages saves lives. Continue reading “How Cancers Are Diagnosed and the Importance of Getting Tested”

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What to Expect During an FNA Procedure

Having a biopsy can be a frightening and stressful experience. Any type of medical procedure is enough to give most people the nerves; however, waiting for the results of the biopsy can add even more stress. As opposed to other types of biopsies, a fine needle aspiration—also known as an FNA—is a non-invasive and relatively painless biopsy that allows you to return to your normal routine soon after. Additionally, if there is a lab onsite, the lab will be able to provide quick results to your referring doctor. Continue reading “What to Expect During an FNA Procedure”