Benign Colloid nodule

Thyroid Nodules: Is it Benign or Malignant? By Celina M. Nadelman, M.D.

Colloid is the predominant material in a benign colloid nodule. It is a proteinaceous material that stores thyroid hormones. Imagine that your thyroid is made up of jacuzzi and pools. The water inside represents the colloid, with the brick or tile around the pool representing thyroid cells. Sometimes these jacuzzis come together to form a large pool, and that’s when you get a colloid nodule. Generally, the more colloid a nodule has, the more likely the nodule is benign and not cancerous. Thyroid nodules are picked up by physical exam or by imaging studies. If you have a thyroid nodule, ask your doctor if you need a fine needle aspiration or call our office for a consultation.

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