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When you have a lump you think could be cancerous, the last thing you want is to get a wrong diagnosis. Unfortunately, some methods of cancer biopsy have a margin for error. If you want to get one of the most accurate forms of lump diagnostics, an FNA is something you should ask your fine needle aspirations specialist about.

Defining Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

When it comes to lumps in the neck, breast, and head, FNA is quickly gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. People are choosing this cancer biopsy method over the more traditional incisional biopsy method.

FNA is an outpatient procedure where your doctor will insert a thin and hollow needle into your body. They’ll guide this needle into your lump and extract cells. Depending on where the lump is, they may use an ultrasound to guide it. Once they extract the cells, they send the cells off to the lab for testing.

You can go about your normal daily routines almost immediately after having this procedure. There is a reduced risk of infection because you have a small needle hole instead of a larger incision. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about keeping the area clean for as long.

Defining an Incisional Biopsy

An incisional biopsy involves cutting into your skin to reach the lump. This procedure is more invasive than FNA. You usually have it done in an outpatient surgery center. Additionally, you may have to go under anesthesia if the lump is harder to reach.

Once your doctor finds the lump, they’ll remove a small amount of tissue for testing. They’ll send the sample to the lab for testing. You’ll end up with sutures to close the incision that takes at least a week to heal. Also, you’ll usually miss at least one day of work, and you may have lingering soreness that takes a few days to go away.

Benefits of FNA Over an Incisional Biopsy

As we mentioned, there are several benefits of choosing FNA for your lump biopsy over an incisional biopsy. Now that you know what both of them are, we’ll go over the most significant benefits of choosing FNA.

•    Accuracy Levels – The needle goes straight into the lump you want to biopsy. This leaves very little room for error. You’ll get accurate results, and this reduces your risk of getting a misdiagnosis.

•    Cost-Effective – This procedure is less expensive than traditional incisional biopsies. It costs less because it’s an outpatient visit, takes a short time, and there usually isn’t anesthesia involved.

•    Minimally Invasive – Unlike an incisional biopsy, FNA is very minimally invasive. You’ll only have a small puncture wound where the specialist inserted the needle into your skin. They may cover this with a band-aid and give you some antibiotic ointment to put it on.

•    No or Reduced Healing Time – At the end of the procedure, you’ll have a small puncture wound that requires very little maintenance. You can return to your normal activities within the same day.

•    Reduced Infection Risk – Since you only have a small puncture wound, you have a minimal chance of getting an infection. You won’t have to take care of the area for a week, and there are no sutures to remove.

•    Quick Results – The medical professional can examine the tissue and cell sample immediately. This means that you can get fast results and answers. Sometimes, you’ll only have to wait 24 hours.

Types of Cancer Biopsies FNA Works For

FNA is very popular for various kinds of cancer biopsies where an incisional biopsy would complicate the healing process too much. Popular sites for fine needle aspiration include:

•    Breast

•    Extremities

•    Head

•    Lymph Nodes

•    Neck

•    Salivary Glands

•    Thyroid

•    Trunk

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FNA can help catch cancers in the early stages can improve the effectiveness of the treatment. If you need a cancer biopsy and want to check your options, we encourage you to look into getting a breast biopsy Los Angeles. A fine needle aspirations specialist can get you the answers you want, and this allows you to start treatment and improve your outcomes.

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