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Back when people still flipped through the Yellow Pages, it was a given that any successful healthcare practice had a phone-book listing. Today, the must-have for a thriving practice is a digital marketing strategy. In our 2017 Benchmark Report, 87 percent of the physicians and office managers/administrators we surveyed said they were doing at least some marketing, and 65 percent said they considered it essential to their practice. But here’s the thing: Only 17 percent were “extremely satisfied” with how their marketing efforts were going. 

Which digital strategies are being used by providers who feel good about their marketing? To find out, we asked four doctors to give us a rundown of their online efforts. Here’s what they said. 

Celina Nadelman, MD

Board certified cytopathologist and fine needle aspiration specialist (FNA), Beverly Hills, California

Rankings, along with good knowledge of how I’m being searched, is a big part of my digital marketing campaign strategy. Educating the public, as well as local doctors, on the effectiveness of an FNA is very important when marketing my practice.

Most of the time, the general public isn’t aware of what an FNA is, or how I can help them. Being found on Google for things like “alternative biopsy” or “biopsy doctor in Los Angeles” are all ways I can garner additional search volume and educate the public on a different approach to cancer diagnosis. 

My marketing team uses a blend of nationwide SEO, centering content on general FNA knowledge and resources. We also target locally for “FNA doctors in Los Angeles” and “fine needle aspiration specialist LA.”

In general, we see an average of a 25–50 position increase in SEO rankings overall every month, which contributes to over 80 percent of my organic website traffic. This can be attributed to an increase in calls, appointments and doctor referrals that I’ve experienced.

By Kate Silver. Originally published 9/26/2018 on The Script

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