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The Guts to Forge the Road: Working to Never Retire

‘The Guts to Forge a Road: Working to Never Retire,’ Dr. Celina Nadelman speaks with Ivy Slater, host of Her Success Story, with guest Dr. Celina Nadelman. The two talk about what makes Dr. Nadelman’s practice so unique and how she has made it work for her in ways that offer balance and flexibility that keep her from wanting to retire.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Dr. Nadelman’s practice is special, and what makes it is so unique
  • How she started her practice with the aspiration of eliminating miscommunication and diagnostic discrepancies
  • The mentors and training that have helped her along the way
  • How she learned the business component of private practice, and the obstacles she has come across in its growth
  • The guts it took to forge this road, and why she wanted to carve this out as her professional life
  • Why and how her practice works for her in a way that offers balance and flexibility that keeps her from wanting to retire

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