Your breast’s density level is critical to understanding how at-risk you are for developing breast cancer. In fact, more than half of women in the United States have dense breast tissue. This tissue density falls into four categories:

•    Predominantly Fatty (0 to 25-percent fibroglandular tissue)

•    Scattered Fibroglandular (25 to 50-percent fibroglandular tissue)

•    Heterogeneously Dense (50 to 75-percent fibroglandular tissue)

•    Extremely Dense (greater than 75-percent fibroglandular tissue)

If you have denser breast tissue, your doctor may recommend fine needle aspiration breast biopsy for a closer look. This is because denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for your doctor to detect early breast cancer signs. A Fine Need Aspiration Specialist can assist in properly diagnosing those vital early stages of breast cancer through a quick and accurate procedure.

Instead of relying on images through a mammogram, an FNA collects tissue samples. Where early breast cancer lumps and fibroglandular tissue look very similar, they differ at a cellular level. These differences are generally easy for your FNA doctor to see, which increases the chance of early detection.

How FNA Detects Breast Cancer Cells and Saves Lives

Upon arriving at your fine needle aspiration appointment in Los Angeles, your doctor will sterilize the area and ask you to relax. They’ll then insert a very thin and hollow needle into your breast to get to the lump. Once they get to the mass, they’ll extract a small number of cells up through the needle and into a collection area.

These samples get sent off to the lab for testing. They may use an ultrasound to guide the needle, but it’s not always necessary. These results take just a few days to inspect and deliver an accurate diagnosis.

It’s minimally invasive, and people are usually back to their normal routines quickly.

FNA can help to save lives by helping doctors tell the difference between simple fatty tissue and a cancerous lump. Additionally, FNA is a way for doctors to test tiny lumps and catch cancer in the very early stages. This is excellent news because the earlier the tumor gets detected, the better the outcome.

If cancer goes undetected, it can spread to other parts of your body, making it more difficult to treat successfully. The chances of survival reduce with every stage the cancer advances.

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