For many people, finding a lump in their breast can be a terrifying and stressful ordeal. Your doctor may want to take a closer look, and breast biopsy is a fast way to find out if your mass is benign or something to worry about. We’ll give you a few things to consider that can help you get accurate results with your breast biopsy. 

1. Request an FNA Biopsy 
Did you know that there are several different biopsies available? However, an FNA (fine needle aspiration) biopsy is one of the easiest and simplest breast biopsies to do. It’s minimally invasive, and an FNA doctor will perform this biopsy as an outpatient visit. You lie on the table, and the FNA specialist will insert a very thin needle into the lump to extract tissue. The tissue will go to the lab for analysis, and you can go about your day with minimal interruption. 

2. Avoid Blood Thinning Medication 
It’s a good idea to avoid blood thinning medications like aspirin before you have your biopsy. If you take one every day for medical reasons, you want to consult with your FNA doctor before you stop taking it. These types of medications can make you more likely to bruise, and this can leave you sorer after your biopsy. Additionally, this soreness can potentially last for weeks. 

3. Try to Relax Before Your Biopsy 
Relaxing is slightly trickier, but you should know that most biopsies aren’t extremely painful. It’s like getting a mammogram. It can be slightly uncomfortable, and your levels of discomfort will vary. Some people report a feeling of pressure instead of actual pain, and it’s over within 30 minutes. So, relax before your appointment if you can and don’t worry about feeling a lot of pain. 

4. Expect Your Results Within a Week to 10 Days 
Arguably one of the hardest things to do is sit and wait for your results after you get your biopsy. However, you can typically expect a week to 10 day wait for your results. It can be as short as three to five days depending on the FNA specialist. Be sure to ask your FNA doctor how long the results will take, and you’ll know which steps you have to take depending on the results. 

Although finding a lump can be a scary time, you have several options to choose from and go over with your doctor to help you get clear and accurate answers. Talk to an FNA specialist, and they’ll help you decide on the best course of action to help you achieve an accurate breast biopsy.

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