Dr. Nadelman discusses cancer prevention through FNA on Buzzfeed.

When dealing with the possibility of cancer, a fast, accurate diagnosis is of paramount importance. Different cancers require a variety of treatments and the earlier treatment is started, the better the chances of survival and recovery.

Fine Needle Aspiration for Cancer Diagnosis

The fine needle aspiration method is quite different from an incisional biopsy. First, it requires no anesthetic – however, a local anesthetic is usually used for the comfort of the patient. The needle used for this procedure is very small and thin, so tissue trauma, bleeding and bruising are minimal. Second, it is an office-based procedure. The actual procedure takes about 20 minutes. No stitches are required – a band-aid is all the dressing necessary. Down time is minimal, and recovery takes only a day or two. Many patients go back to work the same day. If the fine needle aspiration specialist is also a cytopathologist, he or she can examine the tissue on-site, and usually is able to make a diagnosis within 24 hours.

Learn more regarding FNA’s and cancer screening on Dr. Nadelman’s Buzzfeed article.

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