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Even though a lymph node biopsy is a relatively non-invasive medical procedure, it’s still critical that you enlist the help of a fine needle aspiration specialist. Here are two main reasons why you want to use an FNA specialist for your cancer biopsy procedure.

1. Higher Accuracy

If you have cancer that is considered early detection, FNA can help to diagnose it. Since the hollow needle extracts cells straight from the lump, there is minimal risk for error and an increase of accuracy.

Dr. Nadelman, FNA specialist, brings years of experience combined with cutting edge technology to best diagnose and preform your breast biopsy in LA. You’ll leave the procedure with only one small needle hole where they inserted the hollow needle to extract the cells.

Catching cancerous cells as soon as possible is vital for cancer survivor odds. If you manage to catch them early enough, they won’t have time to spread to other organs or systems. This containment makes it easier to treat. Once your cancerous cells spread, it can be challenging and time-consuming to eradicate it all.

2. Minimally Invasive – Lower Risk for Infection

Open breast biopsies are methods certain surgeons use to remove the lump and the surrounding tissue for testing. Even though they only make a small incision, it drastically increases the risk of contracting an infection. This risk stays elevated until the wound heals. Additionally, you may be more restricted on what you can and can’t do until you recover.

A lymph node biopsy or cancer biopsy is done by fine needle aspiration is much less invasive for the patient. Usually, you’ll end up with one or two tiny pinpricks in your skin. These two small holes don’t have the scarring factor that you get with incisional biopsies. The fine needle aspiration specialist will guide the needle into the lump through these sites.

Once you finish with this biopsy, you may need to cover it with a band-aid and some antibiotic ointment for a day or two. However, there is a very low chance of infection. Also, you won’t have your movements restricted as much with this type of cancer biopsy. You can usually resume your normal activities within one or two days of having the fine needle aspiration biopsy performed.

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If you need a lymph node biopsy, consider utilizing a fine needle aspiration specialist. FNA can reduce your chances for complications like infections and a longer healing time. Additionally, it can help detect problems quicker, and this lets you start treatment as quickly as possible.

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