I refer my patients to Dr. Celina Nadelman, not only because she is very professional, but also because she takes such good care of my patients. Her accuracy is superb, as she combines her superior biopsy technique, using ultrasound guidance, with her remarkable skills as a cytopathologist, by assessing the biopsy material immediately. Because of this, my patients do not need repeat biopsies, which make my patients and me happy.

– Michel Babajanian, M.D.
Otosurgical Group Medical Clinic, Inc., Century City

Celina Nadelman makes needle biopsy easy. She caters to doctors and patients to make the process seemless and efficient, without losing that personal touch. Her expertise and manner compliment this efficiency with excellent service.

– Elie Gindi, M.D.
Medical Director, Century City Primary Care, Century City

Dr. Nadelman is outstanding at what she does. Having one person doing the ultrasound, biopsy and cytopathology gives me great confidence in the results. She can asses for specimen adequacy right then and there which eliminates unnecessary repeat biopsies. My patients consistently tell me how professional, gentle and kind she is. I highly recommend her.

– Jordan Geller, MD
Geller Endocrinology & Internal Medicine, Century City

I think that Dr. Celina Nadelman is a phenomenal cytopathologist, her readings are precise, and she is dedicated to getting it right every time… I cannot say how much this commitment to quality means to me. I have no desire to send my slides elsewhere and I am completely satisfied with Dr. Nadelman’s work.

– Michael Polisky, M.D.
Endocrinology, Internal Medicine Associates, Van Nuys

Dr. Nadelman has performed dozens of fine needle aspirations for me and has consistently obtained diagnostic material, even on the most challenging of cases.

– Elliot Abemayor, M.D.
Vice Chief, Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA Medical Center

I have been working with Dr. Celina Nadelman for over 5 years and am consistently impressed by her technical expertise and knowledge in ultrasound guided thyroid fine needle biopsy and cytopathology.

– Pejman Cohan, M.D.
Specialized Endocrine Care Center, Beverly Hills Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCLA

In all the years that I have been training residents and fellows, Celina Nadelman has been one of the most dedicated and skilled pathologists in the field of Fine Needle Aspiration.

– Scott Binder, M.D.
Senior Vice Chair, Pathology, UCLA Medical Center